Essential reading for online journalism

As usual, [Martin Stabe]( is the guy to go to for all things related to new media journalism.

His post of August 1, [Essential reading for online journalism](, contains links that say all the sort of things that we should keep in our heads at all times. Sometimes, though, when you have your head down because you’re stumbling from one minor job to the other, you can lose track of what route you _should_ be taking.

Of course, it doesn’t help if you have people in your organisation who seem to be working to a completely different map… ;-)

Author: Scott Matthewman

Formerly Online Editor and Digital Project Manager for The Stage, creator of the award-winning The Gay Vote politics blog, now a full-time software developer specialising in Ruby, Objective-C and Swift, as well as a part-time critic for Musical Theatre Review, The Reviews Hub and others.