Great buildings, simple design principles

I’ve really been enjoying the Guardian’s latest freebie series, a series of posters extolling the virtues of some of the world’s [most iconic buildings]( As well as including original architectural blueprints, there are plenty of features about where each building’s design fits in to a greater scheme. For instance, today’s poster on Arnos Grove tube station makes reference to the 1938 tube train stock, the design of which was inspired by WS Graff-Baker’s [five principles of good design](

1. Will it work?
2. Is it as simple as possible?
3. Could it easily be maintained in service?
4. Can it be manufactured?
5. Does it look well?

If only all designers used these principles today, eh?

Author: Scott Matthewman

Formerly Online Editor and Digital Project Manager for The Stage, creator of the award-winning The Gay Vote politics blog, now a full-time software developer specialising in Ruby, Objective-C and Swift, as well as a part-time critic for Musical Theatre Review, The Reviews Hub and others.