Five depressing words

Golly, is it that long since I last posted? Whoops. I’ve been quite busy over at [TV Today](, as well as implementing quite a few technology infrastructure changes at The Stage which nobody else will notice (other than a substantially faster web server with — touch wood — no regular outages). And lots of other stuff which I can’t talk about for various reasons.

Any way, I just wanted to post that the most depressing thing I read this morning was in an otherwise enlightening interview with Stephen Daldry in this mornings _[Guardian](,,2279401,00.html)_:

> Sydney Pollack is seriously ill.

Terribly sad to hear. I can’t find other reference to his illness elsewhere on the internet, so I keep my fingers crossed that it’s something from which he can recover. His [roll call of films he’s either produced, directed or acted in]( is mightily impressive, and includes some brilliant work.

And now as I post this I realise that my last post was about Kev passing away. Gosh, this is a fun subject to resume blogging with, isn’t it?

Author: Scott Matthewman

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One thought on “Five depressing words”

  1. He has stomach cancer from what I understand. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he rebounds. He obviously is in great shape for 74, so I'm feeling positive.