Screeny Todd

Last night I took Paul along to see Sweeney Todd at the Union Theatre, which I was reviewing. As someone whose musical theatre experience is much larger than mine, it came as something of a shock that this was to be Paul’s first Sweeney.

As it was, it was only half of his first Sweeney — as he was working nights, he had to leave in the interval in order to start work on time. However, he did say that he was looking forward to the second half, which is a marked improvement to some of the fringe theatre musicals we’ve seen in the past. At one point we did discuss the possibility of his staying for some of the second half, only for him to run out once the blood starts flowing, all to add to the sense of Grand Guignol. Luckily we decided against it, as there is very little blood (and a particularly ineffective barber’s chair) in this production.

It was a good production, all told. Although I did find it a little distracting that Sweeney was the spitting image of professional curmudgeon Charlie Brooker. Speaking of which, his TV criticism series Screenwipe finally returns to BBC4 next week after far too long being absent from our screens.

Author: Scott Matthewman

Formerly Online Editor and Digital Project Manager for The Stage, creator of the award-winning The Gay Vote politics blog, now a full-time software developer specialising in Ruby, Objective-C and Swift, as well as a part-time critic for Musical Theatre Review, The Reviews Hub and others.