Kate Dimbleby: I’m a Woman, New End Theatre

This is one of a series of very short reviews to catch up with what I’ve seen in the past few weeks since I last blogged.

Kate Dimbleby’s show Fever!, about the life, loves and songs of Peggy Lee, was the first show I ever professionally reviewed. So I was enthused about the chance to see her latest show, which is all about the women who have influenced Dimbleby through her life.

I was not disappointed: the warmth and life that I saw 7 years ago was still there, and the song choices had a satisfying mix from the intensely personal to the light and humorous, from Bessie Smith to Kirsty MacColl.

There were a few sound problems which meant that Dimbleby’s magnificent voice wasn’t always heard to best advantage, and the smaller than average audience (always a problem on Friday nights in this small hampstead venue) had a palpable effect on the onstage atmosphere. But other than that, I’m really glad I went.

Author: Scott Matthewman

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