Confidential canned

In today’s column on The Stage, I give my opinions on the departure of BBC3’s documentary series Doctor Who Confidential.

What Confidential has done, and for which will always get full credit from TV Today, has been to pull back the curtain and show a new generation of enthusiastic, imaginative youngsters that there are careers in the creative arts that don’t revolve around being on camera, that for an actor to look good on set takes a huge amount of effort from a large number of people.

But after six years, there’s only so much “look how we blew things up this week” we can take.

Author: Scott Matthewman

Formerly Online Editor and Digital Project Manager for The Stage, creator of the award-winning The Gay Vote politics blog, now a full-time software developer specialising in Ruby, Objective-C and Swift, as well as a part-time critic for Musical Theatre Review, The Reviews Hub and others.

2 thoughts on “Confidential canned”

  1. I think the point you raised about inspiring people to think about what goes into what they see on screen is valid. However, I really began to lose my patience with it around the time of the Kylie Christmas special.

    5 mins of showing Confidential how the napkins and glassware had been printed / embossed with the Titanic logo, when these things were never ‘seen’ in episode? Another ‘good’ example was the recent Minotaur monster, a decent chunk of the programme went into great detail as to how fabulously intricate the monster, and his control/animatronics were. Again something that didn’t, in my opinion, translate all that well into the actual episode. I stopped watching DVD/BD extras long ago, except for the odd piece in the occasional film, so that part of CONF stopped being watchable about the same time. A lot of it does seem to just be a shopping list of things that didn’t work or didn’t matter in the final edit.