A quick update

I’ve kind of let this blog wither on the vine for the past eighteen months, but I’m still elsewhere on the web: I continue to review theatre for both Musical Theatre Review and The Reviews Hub (the new name for The Public Reviews).

But as those who know me are aware, those are my evening pursuits: these days, my full-time job is as a software developer for a company that monitors online discussions about scholarly and academic works.

I used to mix both code and criticism posts on this blog, but now I have a new location for the former – Scott Codes, a Github-hosted blog that currently has a paltry two entries, but will shortly get more.

The blog posts I’m planning for over there will touch on the duality of my working experience, looking at how the worlds of software development and journalism have enough similarities that one discipline can learn from the other. I’ll be kicking that investigation off with a 25-minute session at the next meeting of the London Ruby User Group (LRUG) entitled “Hack like a journalist”:

News reporters are trained in techniques to produce stories that are concise, well structured, easy to follow and with a consistent house style. How can those same techniques help us write better code?

If you’re a Ruby developer, I look forward to seeing you there.

Author: Scott Matthewman

Formerly Online Editor and Digital Project Manager for The Stage, creator of the award-winning The Gay Vote politics blog, now a full-time software developer specialising in Ruby, Objective-C and Swift, as well as a part-time critic for Musical Theatre Review, The Reviews Hub and others.