Ten Things About Who: Doctor Who discussions

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Since Asylum of the Daleks, I’ve been writing blog posts for each episode of Doctor Who under the umbrella title of Ten Things About Who. Each post contains ten thoughts inspired by the episode concerned. They’re most emphatically not reviews – although I do occasionally critique elements of the episode concerned.

As the series has progressed it’s become harder to locate and keep track of them – so here’s a complete list of all the Series 7 posts, in order. Since starting these posts, I’ve changed the blog’s commenting system to use Disqus, which in theory makes it even easier to complement my thoughts with your own. Do add your thoughts in the comments – it means a lot!

Ten Things About Who: Series 7 is now available as a Kindle ebook.

And, starting from May 25, I’ve started to go back to the start of the series’ 2005 revival: