Holmes v Sunday Times: WTF?

Something really bizarre seems to have happened to a column penned by comedian Jon Holmes, BBC [6Music DJ](http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/shows/jon_holmes/) and regular contributor to Radio 4’s [The Now Show](http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qgt7).

As can be seen in the Twitter post above, Holmes has provided a link to the [original document on his website](http://www.jonholmes.net/articles/stcarparks.html), and [the version that has been published on the **Sunday Times** website](http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/men/article6627094.ece). All is well initially: the piece has been subbed a little, and rather more paragraph breaks have been added than appear in the original. This is neither anything new, nor of any concern.

However, the endings to the two columns seem to be completely different. First, the original:

> I’ve checked on their website under the Freedom of Information Act and it turns out all the extra cash from the recent price hike in my car park (Canterbury City Council, in case you were wondering) is being used to take a technological leaf out of the new Transformers film and then, should you miss your ticket’s expiry time by just one second, the seemingly innocuous truck parked in the next bay will turn into a massive robot that will loom over the town centre, pluck you bodily out of Debenhams, smash you back into your car and then hurl you, and it, out of the county. Park that thought.

But that section of Holmes’ column isn’t anywhere to be seen. Instead, the following paragraphs close his column:

> It’s funny, isn’t it, that so much effort and technology are expended on catching and fining drivers for the most trivial of offences. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that they are a soft target in terms of extracting money, would it? Once you have taken down or photographed a driver’s registration number you know where they live and that means you can menace them with threats to take away their house and starve their family. By contrast, if you take CCTV pictures of hoodies engaged in acts of vandalism, they aren’t recognisable and even if they were, they don’t have money to pay fines.
> So the daylight robbery committed against drivers every time they want to park will continue and probably get worse as local councils look for ways to raise more cash. I am going to write to the DG of the BBC, not to chastise him for his expenses, but to ask him the whereabouts of the machine that costs only 23p. And when I find out, I won’t be telling anyone else.

As fellow Now Show contributor [Mitch Benn noted](http://twitter.com/MitchBenn/status/2483822643), the amended paragraphs look more akin to something penned “by Littlejohn, not by little Jon”.

It’s an amazingly insulting way to behave towards a contributor. Especially since online, they even spell his name wrong in the byline…