Ten Things About Who: Aliens of London

Ten points of discussion inspired by the 2005 Doctor Who episode, Aliens of London.

It’s been a few weeks since we departed the Cardiff rift. Apologies – pressures of work, and all that. But we continue a revisit of 2005’s Doctor Who series with the TARDIS’ return to the Powell Estate.

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1. A quick recap…

OK, so I said that The End of the World starts with what is, for Doctor Who, a rarely-used device: a “previously…”-style recap, that has “rarely been needed since”.

And then, two episodes later, that device gets used again. Still, I’m right – it tends not to be used much after this. To be honest, its usefulness in a series where the setting can change so drastically from episode to episode is debatable. But notice, even here, that it’s a recap of events solely from Rose. There’s no glimpse of Platform One or Victorian Cardiff at all.

Conceptually, it fits – this episode is a thematic sequel to the first episode, and deals directly witht he consequences of Rose’s impetuous run into the TARDIS at the end of that episode. For me, the recap here feels alien, if you’ll pardon the expression.

While what we now call “classic” Doctor Who used the old B-movie serial of replaying the previous week’s hangover to remind viewers of where they’ve got to, this “remember this from three weeks ago?” style of reminder has never sat well with Doctor Who. And it really isn’t used much after this. I promise.

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The lights aren’t quite out on Avenue Q

Rod and Daniel Boys, Avenue Q

As the final part of our [Show and Stay](http://www.show-and-stay.co.uk/) theatre quiz prize, Ade and I last night ventured to the Gielgud Theatre to see Avenue Q. We had great seats — pretty near the centre of the Row F stalls — but there were elements of the show we couldn’t see. Nor could anyone else, though – as a result of the earlier power cut in the West End, the video screens and some lighting banks weren’t working correctly.

Rather than cancel the whole performance, we were offered free interval drinks — great news for us, possibly less well-received by people who had pre-ordered their beverages before the announcement was made. Despite the technical problems, the show was as fun as ever. And Rachel Jerram, who was understudying as Kate Monster/Lucy the Slut in place of regular Cassidy Janson, was absolutely superb (as, indeed, was Taofique Folarin, understudying for Edward Baruwa as Gary). I haven’t seen Cassidy in the role yet, as this was my first revisit since Julie Atherton left — but it’s hard to imagine how she could top Rachel’s performance last night.

Avenue Q’s days at the Gielgud are numbered, as [Hair](http://www.hairthemusical.co.uk/) is transferring from Broadway and starts previewing on April 1, 2010. Whether it will transfer to another West End venue or head out on a UK tour, I don’t know — but I hope that the Avenue doesn’t shut down for good.

Image of Daniel Boys with Rod taken from my West End Live 2009 collection.

West End Live 2009

On Saturday, I went to Leicester Square to see some of the onstage performances put together by Westminster City Countil as part of the annual **West End Live** event.

Due to engineering works on train lines, and the long queueing time to get into the Leicester Square stage area, I missed performances by the cast of several big name shows, including **Sister Act** (which I still have not seen yet).

However, I did catch quite a few performances, and have put a selection the resulting photos up on Flickr. A slide show version is below:

The full collection is [available to browse on Flickr](http://www.flickr.com/photos/aggedor/sets/72157620196580994/). Please note that, unlike previous photos, I am not releasing these under any form of Creative Commons licence: if you want to use any of them for other purposes, please [contact me](/about/).