What’s your problem with musicals?

Great video from Mark Kermode’s weekly video blog, asking why some people have problem with musicals. If you find it odd that the characters in Les Misérables sing, how about Cabaret (where the songs are performed on stage)? How about All That Jazz, where they’re part of dream sequences?

Then how about sci-fi? If you can cope with light sabres, why can’t you cope with a few songs?

Arts 2.0: my new column for The Stage

Visitors to The Stage’s website, thestage.co.uk, since Thursday will have noticed a new look to our home page, news, features and columns.

We’re moving from a combination of ancient custom CMS (which was built to accommodate a subset of our print-based content) and MovableType, which housed a limited number of blogs, to a WordPress-based platform which will help us expand the amount of content we can carry online. Over the next week, we’ll be reviving the advice section and migrating our static corporate pages into the site. After that, our recruitment, theatre listings and reviews sections will start to get the lion’s share of our development time.

As part of the new content structure on the site, I’ll no longer be regularly writing about TV and radio. Instead, in Arts 2.0, I’ll be writing about technology issues.

In my first column, Signposting from the virtual world to the real one, I talk about UX design, and how theatres’ websites could often do a little bit better in thinking about how their prospective visitors experience their websites.

I’m currently planning to write next Friday’s column on using social media for marketing, although plenty can change between now and then. (Update: I’m going to highlight a selection of iOS apps on a specific theme in my second post.) Beyond that, I want to talk about stuff other than websites. If you or your organisation has a great arts & technology story they want to tell me, please use the contact form on this blog, or email me at scott@thestage.co.uk.

WordPress Wednesday: Custom Post Limits

As I’ve been using WordPress more and more for blogging, I’ve started to get increasingly impressed, especially with the recent 2.7 and 2.8 versions. At work, I’m currently looking for a multi-user platform that can do more than just common-or-garden blogs, and WordPress (or sibling WordPress MU) is a good candidate.

Anyway, there are so many plugins for WordPress that it’s often hard to know which will serve your needs the best.

One that I’ve just implemented is really helpful: Custom Post Limits, written by Scott Reilly.
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