Ten Things about Who: The Power of Three

Ten points of discussion raised by watching the Doctor Who episode The Power of Three by Chris Chibnall.

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I really liked this week’s episode of Doctor Who. The conclusion to the main threat was ever more perfunctory than usual, mind, but that didn’t overly detract from the beauty of the character studies involved. But on with this week’s Ten Things…

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1. Kate Stewart

When I saw the new head of UNIT’s full name listed in the latest Doctor Who Magazine, I knew that there would be a link to the organisation’s most famous member, Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.

And here she is: the daughter of the man himself. And, in a fan-pleasing touch, it’s a character that has already previously appeared in Doctor Who, having appeared in Gary Russell’s novel The Scales of Injustice, which featured the Third Doctor, the Brigadier and Liz Shaw.

Jemma Redgrave is a worthy addition to the Doctor Who roll call, I think. I hope we see her again.

2. “Twitter!”

Of course the mysterious cubes would have several Twitter accounts set up within minutes. Even the “Essex Lion” had at least two. But I do long for the day when the positives about social media can be referenced, rather than being the butt of cheap jibes.

Still, at least Doctor Who is referencing social media correctly. It’s light years on from when, in Utopia, Jack and Martha’s sharing of anecdotes about the Doctor is wrongly chastised as “blogging”.

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Let’s Kill Hitler (and let’s keep it spoiler-free)

Last night, I went to the National Film Theatre to see a special preview of Let’s Kill Hitler, the first episode of the second half of the current series of Doctor Who, which is due to hit BBC1 this forthcoming bank holiday weekend. 

At the end of the last episode, a cabal of the Doctor’s enemies had absconded with Amy and Rory’s new baby, Melody Pond, who they said was to be bred into being a weapon in the war against the Time Lord. And in the final scene, we learned that River Song was indeed Melody, all grown up.

That episode answered many questions, though mostly in part rather than fully, and asked many more. Let’s Kill Hitler does the same, pushing the season’s story arc on in many new and exciting ways. There are some truly thrilling moments and discoveries which, as Steven Moffat reasoned in the post-airing Q&A, are best experienced as you watch the episode, so I’ll endeavour to keep this piece as spoiler-free as possible. And in that spirit, if you comment on this blogpost, I ask that you do the same…

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