Drat! And double drat!

Goodwood Junior Festival of Speed

US TV blog [TV Squad](http://www.tvsquad.com/2009/08/01/wacky-races-live/) gets its knickers in a twist about the Goodwood Junior Festival of Speed:

> I’m oddly ambivalent about this. Cosplay is one thing. This seems dangerous. What if one of the drivers can’t see out of their outfit?

…somehow missing that

* it’s a parade up a hillclimb track — i.e., they’ll be driving _very slowly uphill_. Less **Wacky Races**, more **Wacky Parade Floats**; and
* Do you really think Dick Dastardly would let Muttley anywhere near the steering wheel?

Seriously, Brad Trechak’s post concentrates more on the concept’s appeal to the 1970s fanboy — and that’s something I can heartily agree with. That said, the whole prospect seems more akin to the actors who dress up in Disney costumes. As a child, they never once had the same charm as the original cartoon characters. At least these days, I don’t regard them as really, truly creepy.

Well, not often.