Mary Rose, Riverside Studios

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Jessie Cave as Mary Rose with Spirits (Sally Preston, Greg Airey, Ariel Harrison, Philippa George, Maya Thomas, Noah Young and Scott Ellis)

As I found out when watching a student production of Dear Brutus last year, there is more to author and playwright J M Barrie than Peter Pan. Even then, the story of The Boy Who Never Grew Up – as originally written, rather than as the Disney version and numerous panto versions have painted – seems to have themes which Barrie’s other plays also share, mixing comic observations of middle class life with supernatural occurrences.

Here the story is centred around the Morland family, whose daughter Mary Rose once disappeared on a family holiday to the Hebrides, reappearing three weeks later with no knowledge that she had even been away. As a dashing young sailor approaches her parents to ask for her hand in marriage, they divulge the mystery that they have kept secret from her. And, several years later, the couple return to the island, Mary still unaware of the episode from her past – when the island starts calling to her again…

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Mary Rose, Riverside Studios3Scott Matthewman2012-04-01 20:45:44[caption id=”attachment_2597″ align=”aligncenter” width=”584″ caption=”Jessie Cave as Mary Rose with Spirits (Sally Preston, Greg Airey, Ariel Harriso…