A busy theatre week – and prompted questions

I’m having another busy, theatre-related week both during the day and at evenings, so finding the time to blog is proving tricky. A quick round-up of what I’ve been up to:

Monday: Matthew Morrison in concert, HMV Hammersmith Apollo

I eschewed watching Glee‘s disappointing second season finale in favour of seeing one of the stars, Matthew Morrison, in his one London gig. It was much better than I truly expected – although that’s more because of the large number of songs he performed that weren’t from his self-penned album. Best performance of the night was a great performance of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’, which has become synonymous with Glee. Sadly for Morrison, the performance was by former *NSync member JC Chasez…

Wednesday: Zombie Prom, Drill Hall

Last night I went to a performance of Zombie Prom at the Drill Hall, off Tottenham Court Road. It’s this term’s performance by students of the relatively new Musical Theatre Academy, which is based in the same building. It was a fun interpretation of a musical which I first saw and reviewed at the Landor Theatre. The choreography in particular plays on how the strict school policies turn the kids into mindless automata long before romantic lead Jonny becomes a fully-formed, rotten-fleshed zombie. Special mention to performer Samantha Hull, who successfully blurs the line where choreography stops and character begins. Of the principal characters, unsurprisingly Sam Hallion’s Jonny is the best of the bunch, although Hallion himself doesn’t really come alive in the role until Jonny dies. Kay Victoria Hindmarsh does the difficult job of playing a woman a generation older than she really is seem easy.

Tonight: Off Cut Festival Bloggers’ Choice

Tonight (Thursday) I will be one of a number of bloggers helping the Off Cut Festival finalise their short list of new plays. Our panel will be read eight scripts, and between us we’ll select four to go forward to the next stage. It’s my first time judging new playwriting, so I’m incredibly excited.

(Update: I’ve now blogged about the Off Cut Festival Bloggers’ Choice evening)

On top of all that, last week a new blog called The Prompt asked me to complete their Quick Quiz – where they send the same 11 questions to various people who have some involvement in theatre.

My answers went online last Wednesday, but it occurred to me that I hadn’t to linked from here until now.

But enough about me – what have you been up to all week?