Memeing: I like to…

Taking up the mantle from the gorgeous [Anna](, some of the statements I find upon Googling [“Scott likes to”…](

* **Scott likes to watch movies. Scott likes to listen to music. Scott likes to read books.** Yes, yes, yes. Things are going well. This is clearly a good game that indicates how representative of all people named Scott I am.

* **Scott likes to work out, play golf and go boating.** No, no, no. This is clearly a stupid game and has no value in determining personal taste whatsoever.

* **Scott likes to display Random Acts of Kindness to his listeners.** Well, I’m a misanthrope who nobody listens to, so this one’s not going to turn out well, is it?

* **Scott likes to keep his expectations modest. “That way,” he says, “you never take anything for granted.”** Nice sentiment. But when I do have occasional flashes of optimism, they do tend to be quite extreme, and I do like to hope that things will turn out 100% peachy. Maybe that’s why I’m so often disappointed…

* **Scott likes to dress up like Waldo.** Erm, no. (Hides red and white striped jumper and bobble hat)

* **Scott Likes To Do Toes.** No. Comment. Whatsoever.

Scott likes to pass these things on, but is too lazy to do so.