Snappy Title 3: Dream a Little Dream, Cochrane Theatre

The occasional series of concerts dedicated to showcasing some of the new musical theatre writing coming from both the UK and America moved to a new, bigger venue for Sunday night’s third Snappy Title. I’ve never been to its old home of the Pigalle Club, but from what I understand its small size is more suited to out and out cabaret than this form of concert.

And yet in truth, most of the time the Cochrane’s stage seemed a little too big. Most of the numbers featured were solo performances that saw the performers look a little lost on such a comparatively large stage. The feeling was compounded by lighting which all too often bathed the entire, all-but-empty stage in a uniform glow.

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Knocked for Six – The End of the Line, Roadtrip Workshop

As someone who commutes every day, I become aware of the diverse range of people who use London Underground. With every opening and closing of the tube doors, the ethnic, socio-economic and dramatic mix of my fellow travellers can change in an instant.

As such, the Tube is the perfect setting for The End of the Line, a series of short playlets from young writing collective Knocked for Six which has just finished a three night run.

Piled into The Workshop, a club space in the basement of the Roadtrip Bar in Old Street, we were arranged on benches either side of a thin promenade space. Any fears that the arrangement meant there was not enough space for the actors were appeased when it became clear that the front benches were also the stage, with the central seats being occupied by a succession of interesting characters.

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