Crazy for You, Novello Theatre

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[media-credit name=”Roy Tan” align=”aligncenter” width=”584″]Sean Palmer (Billy) and Clare Foster (Polly) in Crazy for You. Photo by Roy Tan.[/media-credit]

Nobody loves a Gershwin tune more than I do. In the parlour game of whittling down my favourite tunes into the eight discs I would take with me should Kirsty Young cast me away onto Radio 4’s fabled desert island, a huge number of the songs that make my all-too-long shortlist have music composed by George with lyrics by “his lovely wife Ira”.

Which is one of the reasons why I ought to adore Crazy For You, which is currently playing in the West End’s Novello Theatre in a transfer from a summer run at the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. And by the end of the show, I did wholeheartedly. But it didn’t half make it hard to love.

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Crazy for You, Novello Theatre4Scott Matthewman2011-11-30 15:18:24[media-credit name=”Roy Tan” align=”aligncenter” width=”584″][/media-credit]

Nobody loves a Gershwin tune more than I do. In the parlour game of wh…

Tap Dogs, Novello Theatre

If you go to Tap Dogs expecting a dance show with a great story, you’re not going to get one. It’s six guys tapdancing. You’re more likely to get a story from the gaggle of women sitting next to you who, reasoning that the show on stage contains no dialogue, consider it perfectly acceptable to chatter away to each other throughout the show. (Seriously. When you go to the theatre, does it never occur to you that the hundreds of other people in the theatre are not interested in what you think?)

Instead, we get Adam Garcia and five strapping men, clomping in workmen’s boots on a variety of surfaces – wood, steel and water – with gusto.

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