Review: The Great Gatsby, Riverside Studios

Another review for Musical Theatre Review, this time for Ruby in the Dust’s The Great Gatsby at Hammersmith’s Riverside Studios.

A fringe musical of F Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby could never compete on scale or budget with Baz Luhrmann’s $100 million-plus Hollywood adaptation. But nor should it attempt to – and Ruby in the Dust’s production wisely shuns trying. Instead, the limitations inherent within Fringe theatre become its greatest strength, focusing on the crumbling foundations on which the façades of hedonistic 1920s opulence are constructed.

Song of the Seagull, Menier Gallery

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[media-credit name=”Patrick Dodds” align=”aligncenter” width=”584″]Vera in Song of the Seagull[/media-credit]
Persia Lawson as Vera in Song of the Seagull, Menier Gallery
Any playwright who tries to take on the life of Anton Chekhov must surely be on a hiding to nothing, as their work is most likely going to compare to the Russian dramatist’s own work. Writer/director Linnie Reedman, whose Dorian Gray I enjoyed at the Leicester Square Theatre in 2009, thus has her work cut out.

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Persia Lawson as Vera in Song of the Seagull, Menier Gallery
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