A five year anniversary, and a milestone to boot

It’s sobering to think that it’ll be five years ago next week that [I won an award for political blogging](http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2004/feb/11/uk.technology).

That website, thegayvote.co.uk, fell out of my control when I left PlanetOut UK, who owned the domain. And when the UK office closed down shortly afterwards, the registration lapsed and got snapped up by a third party looking for a quick buck. It had lapsed quite recently and I held out hope that I may be able to grab it back, but it looks like the company that currently owns the domain name has renewed within the allowed limit, so it’ll remain unavailable.

If I had kept the whole blog going, I’m sure that the progression of Iceland’s Johanna Sigurdardottir to become the first out world leader would have been covered before now. It’s a significant milestone, of course, and one that was bound to have been passed one day.

That it has happened in Iceland, a country traditionally more respectful of gay and lesbian people as part of society as a whole, is not that much of a surprise. In that respect, it’s less of a milestone than, say, Barack Obama winning the presidency of a country which in many ways is still racially divided.

There are similarities, though: just as some of Obama’s critics tried to defuse any sense of achievement for the first black president by suggesting that because his mother was white, he wasn’t quite black enough, you get some idiots saying that because Sigurdardottir was previously married and has two children, that she’s “not really gay”.


Well, aren’t we all glad that we have such people declaring themselves the final arbiters. Just as well, perhaps, that all the gay men and women who have had previous straight relationships, many of which have produced children, are off living their lives instead of taking notice of the ignorant amongst us.

With the way my career’s going at the moment, I’m not sure I’d have the time and energy to devote to an extracurricular blog in the same way as I could five years ago with The Gay Vote. When so much ignorance is clearly still at large, though, it is sorely tempting.