Tron 2.0, aka Tr2n, is now Tron Legacy

If I was the sort of person who went to conventions, I think Comic-Con San Diego would be the one I would most like to go to. Somehow, over the last few years, it has become a major means of marketing all sorts of genre productions in TV and film to the fans.

Anyway, while I’ve been stuck in London, this year’s convention has been covering all sorts of things, from BBC shows being plugged (**Being Human**, **Doctor Who** and **Torchwood** – yup, Ianto’s still dead and staying that way) to sneak previews of the latest films.

Trocker and videoblogger [charlieissocoollike]( got a press pass for this year’s convention from Disney, and has filed a report in his usual ebullient style:


Like him, I’m incredibly excited about the prospect of the Tron sequel — now, apparently, called **Tron Legacy**. Unlike him, I was actually born when the first film came out in 1982 — indeed, I had devoured the novelisation well before I got to see the film. Combined with a set of stills inserted into Brian Daley’s book and the occasional glimpses of footage in **Disney Time**, the version of Tron in my head is the one I still think of being as the original – the movie itself ending up as a big-screen facsimile.

What with computer graphics improving so much over the last 27 years, there’s every chance that Tron Legacy will be closer to that original version in my head. Here’s the footage shown at Comic-con: kind of a teaser trailer, if you will. I _cannot_ wait.


Dorian Gray – the teaser trailer

Not the [Matthew Bourne]( version, nor indeed the play which continues at [Leicester Square Theatre]( until August 2. No, this is the movie version, with Oscar Wilde’s novel being given the full Hollywood costume drama treatment, starring Ben Barnes, Colin Firth and some truly terrifying hairstyles: