Review: Saturday Drama – The Letter of Last Resort

Originally staged at the Tricycle Theatre, David Greig’s play The Letter of Last Resort examines the inherent absurdity at the heart of the principle of nuclear deterrence. Possessing nuclear weapons, the argument goes, prevents other nuclear powers from ever firing theirs. A successful deterrent will never be used – but that will only happen if people believe you are willing to use it.

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Last post

One of the first poems the new Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, has published since taking on the post is Last Post, a BBC commission to mark the passings of the last British World War I survivors.

> You lean against a wall,
> your several million lives still possible
> and crammed with love, work, children, talent, English beer, good food.
> You see the poet tuck away his pocket-book and smile.
> If poetry could truly tell it backwards,
> then it would.

The full poem is on the [BBC website](